My Story

My journey started in Hungary many years ago…..

As a young child of 3 years of age, my health was at risk as I suffered from a lack of appetite.   I moved away from the city to live with my grandad and found that by changing my environment to live in the countryside of Zala (Hungary) improved both my health and appetite.  During this time I learnt so much around taste and flavours of fresh authentic home grown organic vegetables and fruit. Several years later, following a sports knee injury, I found a passion to learn about the nutritional values of how certain raw food and supplements could benefit me and spent many years researching nutrition and healthy living.

Starting my career as a Nutrition Advisor, I was honoured to receive a Metabolic Specialist Diploma recognised by the AFN (Association for Nutrition). This has now led me to be able to support a vast diversity of clientele seeking my expertise. I continue to attend various life style improvement conferences and seminars globally as there is always more to learn on this important subject.

As a personal and professional advisor I have now gained several years of experience, complemented by a passion for nutrition and exercise. I focus on well-being raw food benefits and how to transform people to consume healthier diets. My clients include a mix of high calibre business professionals who struggle to maintain a healthy diet and energy levels often due to time constraints, plus sportsmen/women and those who have weight management issues.

Some clients come to me with joint mobility and pain problems and I have found that by advising the use of natural nutrition methods many of them have experienced an improvement with their weight management and nutritional goals due to some recommended, sometimes drastic, positive healthy diet changes.  I enjoy the diversity that exists amongst my clients, ranging from those seeking ways to implement good habits, to those who are more advanced and are simply keen to further improve a healthy balance in their diet.

My long lasting passion for history and curiosity about food led me to discover the properties of chia seeds from the ancient Aztec civilisation as a superfood.

As part of my nutritional research for healthy living, I started including them into my own daily diet and experienced some incredible results which then led into interest from friends and family.

My nutritional philosophy is one that looks at the total person, including their own perception and understanding of food in general.  Following an analysis of their dietary intake and any supplements, I am able to look at the more complex picture of their lifestyle, their prevention capability, and the use of natural resources.

I offer group sessions and one-to-one personalised nutritional advice/counselling based on my client’s individual needs and goals.

I also educate my clients on how to increase their energy levels, how to lose excess weight, and how to feel confident around their food choices.

My best reward and happiness is to witness the journey and the positive outcome to my client’s life and future ahead.

““Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.””

— Hippocrates, 460 B.C.

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