ChiaCharm started with the idea of eating pure food without any unacceptable additives, preservatives, processed or modified food on the market. I researched the roots of humankind and believe the true solution is to go back to MOTHER EARTH and her methodology. Every single one of us holds the inner power to create and sustain our health and for that we need to have access to natural foods together with real sustainable knowledge.

I use only natural organic ingredients and plant-based fully recyclable packaging – great quality food wrapped in a material to keep the product’s goodness intact, to help support your health, as if it was designed by MOTHER EARTH herself.

Based on my own experimental activities, I believe plants used without any modification provide transparent and nourishing foods to all humankind and are extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. In today’s modern society we are all well fed, but I believe that our bodies are essentially undernourished and crying out for health-giving wholesome food.

The time has come to return to MOTHER EARTH AND HER NATURAL GIFTS – to the amazing plants which are capable of transforming solar energy, turn inorganic substances to organic, offering us pure nutriments. Join and support ChiaCharm in our mission to return to the natural way in order to rebuild our bodies, our health, our minds and our world. Together we can make our planet MOTHER EARTH as the true healthy living home it is meant to be.

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