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The usual question I get is...

'Are Supplements Enough To Boost Your Immune System Naturally'

Tired of Being Confused?

FACT: Many people do not know how to measure, maintain or improve their immune system.

Thanks to my simple and yet powerful protocols, I have helped many of my clients to boost their immune system and heal from various illnesses.

  • How do you know that the supplements works? What else is out there for you to try and known for centuries to support naturally the immune system? In the modern society we live in, many information are being wiped out years after years from our education and knowledge to support our health.

Hello I'm Robert. As a natural health Nutritional Advisor, I have a universal and natural approach to Heath and Nutrition.

What if I told you that taking supplements are good but not good enough to measure and boost your immune system?

The immune system supplements

food supplement to boost the immune system

More and more people are taking health supplements worldwide. A recent survey in Canada reported that some of the most commonly used are immune system supplements. Making an effort to maintain a healthy immune system is always a good idea, but is particularly important as the cold and flu season approaches.

...some of the most commonly used health supplements are immune system supplements.

The nightly news seems to constantly be reporting about new and more resistant strains of viruses; bird flu, pandemic flu and West Nile are just a few of the names we hear. Those people who feel that they have a healthy immune system are not overly worried about these viruses. People who have a healthy immune system are less likely to become infected with these viruses and are less likely to suffer complications if they do catch a bug.

virus and the immune system

What are the best ways to support the immune system? 

Herbal medicine to support the immune system

Natural products (i.e. ginseng, echinacea, elderberry) that support healthy immune system function are popular and with good reason. Many of these immune system boosters have been the subject of scientific studies. Herbal and botanical products may pose less risk of side effects than vaccinations and anti-viral medications. In one controlled study, people who were given immune system supplements missed less work and developed infections less frequently than those who were given a placebo. The same study concluded that those who used immune system supplements and became infected with the flu developed fewer complications and were less likely to be hospitalized.

Herbal and botanical products may pose less risk of side effects than vaccinations and anti-viral medications...

We should not deny the fact that our daily habits (i.e. sleeping habits, the food we eat, the mindset, the air we breathe, the work conditions, the physical activities, etc…) also have an impact on our immune system. 

I personally like to look at the mind, body and soul to understand how to improve the immune system.

With this in mind it seems important to me that we should ask ourselves the right questions such as:

- How do we monitor our health to know that we are supporting/strengthening our immune system or destroying it?

- How do we listen to our body to know that we are on the right path of healing?

If the answer to those questions is vague in our mind, then perhaps it is time for you to consider looking into the best ways to boost your immune system before winter comes. 

What about your daily habits? Are they supporting or suppressing your Immune System?

The way we decide to live our life can have a profound impact on our health. The more we educate ourselves, the less we are likely to make the wrong choices which can damage our health and the health of our loved ones. 

How to boost your immune system

One day, Jane (one of my clients) approached me to obtain some help during one of my workshops. She had been fighting and suffering from an on-going cold & flu with fever and sore throat for over 9 months. Every three months the symptoms were coming back among other health challenges she was dealing with. She was using anything she could to stop the symptoms such as pain killers, antibiotics and other types of medicines.

When Jane contacted me, she was feeling weak, frustrated, hopeless and feeling lost as she could not reverse permanently those illnesses to get her life back on track and she reached a point where she was getting more and more interested in natural healing.

Below is a picture of all the conventional medicines she had accumulated over years and which she shared with me. 

After asking her some key questions with regards to her daily habits and knowing all the conventional medicines she was using, it didn’t come as a surprise to me that her daily habits had played an important role in sabotaging her health and her immune system.

Jane was not eating the right type of foods to strengthen her health. Many of the food she used to eat were not alkaline enough. She was taking some supplements time to time but it was mainly when she was feeling ill. She was not exercising as she was working too much and caring for her family. She was not sleeping well due to family issues and her corporate job which was stressful.

When she attended one of my workshop and heard about my protocols, she decided to try it. Within 6 months of applying the tips of my easy immune system guide she started to be more in control of her health and she started to feel much better. She naturally lost 15 kilos too. 

Today (four years later) the results are still outstanding. Jane has stopped naturally to use any over-the-counter medicines or any prescribed antibiotics. She has simply managed to stop all her undesired recurrent health illnesses.  

My holistic approach to strengthening the immune system 

The consideration of supplements and tradition medicines are helpful however in my observations and based on my clients’ feedbacks following my protocols, they have experienced a faster recovery and they have increased their immune system by applying my simple and yet effective holistic approach to health.

My immune system protocols take into consideration the analysis and monitoring of our body using simple tools which have been known for centuries by shamans, medicine men and women, and which can be implemented at home without any health equipments. My immune system protocols also include specific tips to improve or to maintain the immune system to fight any viruses or undesired health symptoms.  

My immune system protocols take into consideration the analysis and monitoring of our body using simple tools

The food you should eat to boost your immune system

It is important to remember that nutrition plays a big role in the function of a healthy immune system, as well as the healthy function of all the systems of the body. Because nutrition is so important, it is crucial to understand the benefits of each food we consume every day rather than just selecting them randomly just because we like them or because of their flavours. My immune system guide presents most of the foods you should consider eating and the ones you should certainely avoid.

how to boost the immune system naturally

For more information about my immune system guide, my recommended natural products high in vitamins and my suggested healthy recipes, visit

What is my immune system guide designed for? 




With A Strong Immune System Your Body Will Win

  • Health supplements can help your immune system. 
    You should consider a combination of health supplements containing multi vitamins instead of taking only one type of vitamins. The vitamin D, C and Zinc are some of the essential vitamins you should incorporate in your daily supplements.
  • Consider a holistic approach to your health. 
    Understanding your daily habits is the first step to improve your immune system. It is important to pay attention to what you eat, what you drink, your sleeping patterns, your digestive system, your level of stress, etc...
  • Drink more pure water. 
    This will help your body to eliminate faster the accumulated toxins. I usually recommend distilled water combined with fresh fruits, vegetables (i.e. strawberries, cucumbers, etc...) or special powerful food rich in minerals in order to bring back the alkaline level of the water.    

Take Control Of Your Health Now! 

With winter on its way, now is the best time to start taking care of yourself and your immune system.

If you have been unable to access your doctor until now due to the COVID 19 government restrictions, or due to other challenges, then do not give up. There is a solution.    

This solution starts with you understanding your body and how the immune system works. 

My Immune System Protocol has helped me to strengthen my health and the health of my loved ones. It has also helped all my clients in regaining control of their life.

What is my Immune System Guide all about?

This guide is designed for the women and men who would like to improve their immune system so that their body can function at its optimum level. The guide will help you to become bullet proof from any viruses, pains and illlnesses.

Learn through my 5 easy principles how to boost your immune system to keep you healthy and to help you recovering from ongoing illnesses. You will have an opportunity to discover simple, quick & easy tools and to find out the answers to questions you have always been asking yourself about the immune system.

My philosophy is simple. First, I provide you with the greatest education as a Nutritional Advisor through my personal experience and through the positive results obtained from my clients who followed my techniques.

I will also supplement the learning by educating you on the benefits of various essential foods, vitamins and minerals which can help increasing your immune system and activate the healing process.

Some of them are well known and sadly others are not due to the fact that we are often victim of the modern society we live in which is acting daily as a brainwash. Many of the unknown ones were known by secluded tribes and our ancestors.

What can you expect from


My Immune System Guide will educate you and it will tell you everything you need to know on how to improve your health by yourself, at home and how to help your body recovering naturally from any illnesses.  

By applying my health protocols and by using my Immune System guide, you will gain the three benefits below:

  1. 1
    AN EDUCATION: If you understand the basics of how your body works then you will have a better chance to support it and to not reverse back into your old habits.
  2. 2
    Through the knowledge and empowerment, you will have a chance to measure, improve, monitor your health and discover all the natural ways to boost your immune system. 
  3. 3
    Thanks to my easy guide, you will have a chance to be in control of your health so that you do no longer need to rely on external health services and over-the-counter medicines.

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Creator of the

Meet the Nutritional Advisor Robert Piazza

As a natural health Nutritional Advisor Robert has a universal and natural approach to health and nutrition.

He is a certified practitioner who serves up an inspiring blend of naturopathy,  physiology, ancient healing knowledge through natural medicine, herbs and water.  

He focuses on establishing a detailed picture of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and any concerns you may have about your health.

With his Immune System Guide your will make some positive changes in your life. 

It's Time to Start Taking Care of Yourself an Your Family to prevent from the harmful illnesses

My immune system guide has been designed to help you understand the immune system and quickly implement my powerful protocols to improve your health. 

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