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The Healing Benefits Of Drinking Pure Water

Today I am showing you through my personal experimentation the difference between the distilled water and the other types of waters (i.e. tap water) and their impact on your body especially if the water is not pure.

For those who are interested, below is the link of the distilled machine I am using and which I recommend.’Drink more & the right type of water to support your body and fight any illnesses’.

The Healing Benefits Of Sauna

Did you know that using a sauna (with the right technique) every day could help you to hea from pain and illnesses?

Find out more by listening this podcast where Robert is explaining the impact of the sauna on the human body.


How do you know that the products you buy in the shops are good or not for you and your loved ones?

This podcast focuses primarily on the products, their packaging and ingredients to help you making the right choices.