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How Healthy Are You? Your Tongue Says It All.

What your tongue tells you about your health
You might be one of those people who have developed white buildup on your tongue, and you do not know how it came about, or how to deal with it. A number of factors can cause a white tongue to appear, and they include:

a) Dehydration. This can be due to lack of taking water or taking caffeinated drinks that dehydrate the body.

b) Thrush. It is a fungal disease caused by the overgrowth of the Candida organism on the tongue. Long use of antibiotics also causes it.

c) Body pH imbalance. This is so in carb addict where the body's pH becomes acidic leading to white film on the tongue.

d) Chronic diseases such as liver failure, renal failure may cause a white tongue.

The Natural remedies for a white tongue are as follows:

1) Drinking a lot of water daily ensures that the body is hydrated. Therefore, this means that the tongue does not become dry and no inflammations occur on the surface of the tongue. When one is dehydrated, food particles stick to the tongue forming a white coating on the tongue. Drinking a lot of water ensures that this is avoided. Depending of your weight, I usually recommend to drink at least 1 litre of pure water for every 20 kilos. So for example, for someone with a weight of 55 kilos, I would recommend this person to drink at least 2.5 litres of pure water per day.  

2) Dental Health

This is the most important remedy for a white tongue, which is characteristic of the white stuff on your tongue. Dental hygiene ensures that no bacteria's can form a coating on the tongue. Brushing, scraping and flossing helps achieve this. The food particles, which would cause the white coating on the tongue, are removed when person brushes or scraps their tongue. The Sulfur causing compounds that cause halitosis also do not build up.
A person should brush their mouth at least twice a day. When brushing, the toothbrush should reach all corners of the mouth and the gums. This helps remove the bacteria found in the mouth. Using a scraper, the tongue should be scraped.

The following steps are followed when scraping the tongue in order to remove white buildup on your tongue:

• Take the two ends of the tongue scraper on both hands
• Stick your tongue out
• Reach the arch of the tongue scraper to the back of the tongue
• Scrape forward several times at the same time rinsing the white mucous off the scraper between several scrapings
• Once done, rinse the mouth

Once done with brushing and scraping, the person should floss. Flossing helps get the bacteria in between the teeth that brushing and scraping could not reach.

3) Avoid or reduce sugar in the diet

Since Candida feeds on sugar, avoiding sugary foods such as sweets and candy can starve the compounds that cause the thrush. Without the sugar, the thrush and the white buildup on your tongue cannot survive, and it eventually dies.

If you suffer from symptoms of white stuff on tongue and you need further support, feel free to book a face-to-face or remote appointment with me.

What is Chromo or Colour Therapy? A Brief History of Medicine’s Diversion from the Mind

Vegan health meal
Colour therapy is often associated, if at all, with our clothing but the effect of colours has historically gone far beyond such a surface approach. Chromotherapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine and then taken up by Western Medicine as a form of physiological and psychological treatment.
Like many modalities, chromotherapy has its roots in ancient observations and usages across various cultures spanning time. Colour has been investigated as medicine since 2000 BC. Phototherapy—light therapy—was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India. The Egyptians utilized sunlight as well as color for healing; Greeks used coloured minerals (crystals as we now call them), salves, and dyes as remedies; and the ancient Ayurvedic physician Charaka, who lived in the 6th Century BC, recommended sunlight for treating various ailments.
Edwin Babbitt was in fact among the pioneers of modern chromotherapy. According to Babbit’s research, “there is a unique color or energy vibration that either sedates or stimulates the stream of energy through a specific organ, causing a natural biochemical reaction.” The aim of chromotherapy is to be a complementary form of therapy in ailing the body and restoring its balanced function. His work on color healing, for the first time in history, proved to be comprehensive in taking both a physiological and a psychological approach. 
This certainly pulled from the aforementioned ancient practises namely Ayurvedic Medicine, wherein each chakra energises and sustains certain organs. What Babbitt’s research posited is that “the balance of the seven chakras activates healing by transmitting energy to the electromagnetic field around the body.” He reiterates the Ayurvedic idea that the body has seven major energy centres known as chakras, each centres is responsive to a different colour. For instance, the chakra located at the sites of the major endocrine glands, corresponds to particular states of consciousness, personality types and endocrine secretions.
During the nineteenth century the emphasis in science was exclusively on matter rather than on energy. As medicine came under the umbrella of science, it focused too much on the material physical body, ignoring the mind. With the advances in physical medicine and treatments such as surgery and antiseptic, interest in healing with colors declined.
Yet, there was continuing interest, even from pioneers including Carl Jung who once stated, "Color is the key to subconscious." You should consider if there have been foods of a certain colour, texture, or flavour that you have been craving. It can be a surprising exploration of what they might be signalling.
Article credit: Almila Kakinc-Dodd
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‘The Power of Food: How To Regain Your Instinct, Your Intuition And Your Psychic Abilities’ 

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Cancer prevention and healing

How to prevent and heal from various illnesses including cancer?
In this video I present you my recommended tips which I am implementing every day in my diet.
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The Benefits of Sauna

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My tips to recover fast from Gout symptoms

One of my patient suffered recently from a gout attack from the left foot and she was in a huge amount of pain.
She wanted to find a natural way to deal with it as she did not want to take any medicines understanding the damage they cause to the body over a too long consumption.
She turned to me to have some advise since I am only helping my patients via natural methods.
I was very questionned by this symptom as a nutritional advisor and I ended up searching on it. As a primary step I suggested her to take some vitamin C in powder mixed with water which is what I am usally using when I have any health issues. She ended up having some major improvements and she is now incorporating this vitamin in her diet daily.
I also encouraged her to use the sauna (the right way…heating up the body and cooling it down under cold shower…doing this several times in a row) to deal with the inflammation. This also helped her a lot in addition to adding some pineapple in her daily diet since this fruit has some amazing properties. It contains bromelain (a mixture of enzymes) which helps to decompose uric acid crystals and to relieve the sufferers from the pain.
She is now able to walk again and wear normal shoes. I am still searching on this field but I hope my few tips so far will help you.
I am usually only recommending what I have tested for myself. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch
I am always happy to help. Robert

How to get into Ketosis faster?

Ketosis diet
If your ambition is to get into Ketosis faster then this is what I would recommend based on my experimentation:
– allow big gaps between meals such as at least 14–16 hours. The ideal way would be to have your last meal between 6pm and 7pm and going to bed early so that you do not feel hungry before going to sleep. This will help the body to burn stored fats instead of it focusing on the digestion of the last late meal. By doing this it will support the natural healing process of the body and the loss of weight. If you try this for a couple of days you should notice an instant loss of weight first thing in the morning when measuring yourself.
-drink distilled water with lemon, lime, cucumber or vitamin C as it also helps. You can find out more about distilled water by visiting my other articles and videos under this page Your Health
– practise any of your preferred exercise in order to allow the body to burn the excess sugar.
– eat the ‘right’ food in the ‘right’ form. I usually recommend primarily raw vegetables as much as as you can and prepared at home to avoid any hidden sugar and/or preservatives-additives.
-use some herbs such as nettle in your salads and as a tea, including turmeric or cayenne pepper.
-use cold pressed oils such as hemp, avocado, chia and pumpkin
– avoid sweets
All in all this is what I would recommend as a quick guide to get into ketosis.
If you need any help, feel free to contact me. Robert

This is how came to live

ChiaCharm CoCo
When I was a kid my mum always told me ‘if you want some good food, then you should do it yourself by picking up carefully every single ingredient or grow them by yourself. This way you will always know for sure what has been added into it’.
I always grew up with this principle in mind and two years ago I was looking for a quick, healthy and easy snack to carry with me to help keeping up my energy level while working during extremely long hours in some frozen fridges of the company I used to work for.
Sadly I could not find anything on the market which was pure and organic enough to satisfy my needs as I was already on my path to study nutrition and become a nutritional advisor.
Eventually I came across a video which was presenting a recipe to make some healthy snacks. When I saw the ingredients in the recipe which was involving the use of eggs, agave syrup and some baking process at high temperature, I was still not happy about it so I decided to twist the recipe to make something more pure and natural, suitable for vegan, vegetarians or anyone looking for a healthy alternative snack to support their day to day diet.
I came up with a range of pure recipes, with natural flavours and air dried to retain all the nutriments, the vitamins and minerals.
They are made with simple ingredients such as banana, coconut and chia seeds to name a few. They ended up being so loved by my family and friends that they eventually encouraged me to sale them on the market.
This is how my brand came to live which is now allowing me to follow my passion.
I am grateful for all the supports I have received until now and I thank you all in advance for reading this message.
Thank you for your time.

Where to buy Chia Seeds in large volume, in reliable packaging and at the best price?

Chia Seeds Benefits
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What is the definition of the ingredients printed on my food packaging?

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