Eating well is an excellent way to help you and your family stay strong and healthy …. but that is not all ….

In today’s world most families are facing multiple personal and/or professional challenges which can have an impact on them physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is for this reason that my Consultancy focuses on looking at the bigger picture to help protect you and your family from the possible harmful effects caused by bad habits with food, by educating you on their impact on your physical, mental and emotional state.

I do not focus solely on understanding your food habits and your grocery shopping list. I have a holistic approach whereby I will assess your family lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and any physical, mental or emotional concerns you may have.

With this information I can work with you to identify an eating plan to suit your needs, your lifestyle and your daily commitments. I will help you to recognise and avoid unnecessary and/or harmful foods and instead enjoy an abundance of wonderful nutritious food that will not only give you the right nutriments your body needs, but also help you with your energy levels to achieve your daily activity goals and ….. simply feel good! It is all about finding the right balance and I can help you do this.

If appropriate, you will also be advised on which vitamin and mineral supplements are best for you in order to enhance the goodness of your food and to provide you with complete nutrition. You will be issued with a tailor-made action plan so that you know exactly what is right for you and what to do next to achieve the results you desire.

You will be asked to complete and return a nutritional questionnaire prior to your family appointment which will help to maximise the effectiveness of your visit and provide some key discussion points.

At the end of the consultation you will be provided with a nutritional programme tailored to your specific family requirements. If any tests are felt necessary these can be discussed and organised at the time of your visit.

Charges :-

1 x 2hr appointment for a family of 2 adults + a maximum of 3 children (16 years and under) : £245

Follow Up Consultations

It is advised to have at least one follow up consultation to review your progress. Then it is up to you to decide how best to go forward with future consultations to suit your family lifestyle. There is a lot to learn about your diet and nutrition and follow-ups are a great opportunity to grab more tips on healthy eating such as :-

* What to eat when at home

* What to eat when out and about with your children

* Recipe ideas

* Ways to manage other areas of your life which impact on your nutritional goals or health

To book an appointment please proceed to payment.

Note face to face appointments are only available in London (UK). My consultancy services includes a flexible approach with appointments being organised either:

  • Face to face at the location which is the most convenient for you and where you feel the most comfortable (including your home).

  • On your mobile via Skype or a simple phone call.

  • By email. Although this is accepted I would always recommend to arrange a face to face appointment in order to make sure you benefit from a full comprehensive assessment.

Once your payment has been made, you will receive an email shortly after in order to set up your appointment. This will also be followed by an email confirmation with an attached health questionnaire to be completed prior to the date of your appointment.

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