Did you know that a healthy nutrition could improve significantly your skin conditions? Find out more here.

The symptoms and severity associated with skin disorders can vary significantly. They can be temporary, permanent or age related, and may be painless or painful. Some have situational causes linked to our environment or to the level of stress, while others may be genetic.

The most common skin conditions seen are:· eczema,· psoriasis,· acne,· rosacea,· ichthyosis,· vitiligo,· hives,· seborrheic dermatitis,· diaper rash,· chickenpox,· measles,· warts,· and more…

An internal and external treatment should be considered at the same time to support the improvement. 

Internal treatment

ChiaCharm.bio Recipes

A simple change of diet by eating more raw food could help restore the balance of hormones and therefore impact the skin. Many great recipes can be found in my recipe book.

External treatment

Unfortunately a lot of cosmetics and skin care products have synthetic ingredients in them regardless of their prices being expensive or not. I usually recommend to use the products which are organic and natural as much as possible such as: 

Aleppo soap

Handmade aleppo soap (made of laurel and olive oils).

As a natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial it relieves itching for those suffering from psoriasis, acne, and eczema because it will help hydrate the skin. 

Shea butter

Organic raw shea butter.

It treats acne and blemishes, reduces skin inflammation, provides relief to itchy and peeling skin. It is ideal as a morning or evening cream.