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How To Survive Christmas? 

It is not always easy to stay healthy during the festive seasons.

This podcast was recorded to provide some guidance to those who wish to maintain a healthy diet in December.

The Healing Benefits Of Sauna

Did you know that using a sauna (with the right technique) every day could help you to hea from pain and illnesses?

Find out more by listening this podcast where Robert is explaining the impact of the sauna on the human body.


Fasting can help bringing the right balance of the body to support a weight management.How to prepare a fasting diet and break it the most healthiest way?

Getting back to eating after a fasting period can be challengingespecially if you are not at home and in an environment promoting constantly some chunk food.

In this podcast we discuss the best way to break the fasting…


How do you know that the products you buy in the shops are good or not for you and your loved ones?

This podcast focuses primarily on the products, their packaging and ingredients to help you making the right choices.